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I am an independent, freelance programmer.  I do not pretend to be a genius, or to know everything.   I am probably figuring out the answer right along with you.

This blog really has three main goals:

  1. To help YOU, by giving step by step tutorials on a wide variety of programming topics, by answering questions that you have, and by making certain that you know that you aren’t alone… everyone was once ‘just starting out’.
  2. By helping the entire industry by helping produce the next generation of coders who produce clean code, are unafraid of challenges, and have a community’s worth of knowledge behind them.
  3. To help myself, by helping me become a stronger programmer, by teaching me how to teach others, and by resulting in a large, flexible library of useful code.

Imagine me as the guy who got hired about the same time you did… at a job that neither of us were quite prepared for.  As far as I am concerned, we are in this together.

I will focus, to begin with, on web technologies.  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript… then eventually into PhP, ASP, SilverLight, etc.

I am doing this for numerous reasons…

  • because I like having immediate feedback, placing a <div> on the screen, then coloring it and animating it easily…. rather than having to figure out HOW to put it on the screen, then fumbling with getting it updated… like I might have to in C.
  • because the industry seems to be moving towards  ‘Enterprise Development’ and ‘Cloud Computing’… you know what that means?  Those are code words for ‘the web’.  This means getting used to working with languages and techniques that will work cross-platform.  Getting used to communications protocols and technologies like JSON, AJAX, CGI, etc.
  • because… to state frankly, I hate JavaScript.  I am not bad at it, but I hate it.  Part of it is how weak the object orientation is, part of it is the pain that it can be to debug, and part of it is (STILL) having to write it four times just to make sure it works on the user’s browser (even if they do FireFox or Chrome).  I know it seems masochistic to force myself repeatedly to do something that I hate, but there is no better way to get to the point of comfort with it until I do.

A few quick points on me:

  • For some reason, apparently, I seem to like lists.  Go Figure.
  • I like both Microsoft AND Open Source.  Yes, I believe that they CAN coexist without the universe collapsing.  Apple, however, I have never cared much for..  But all of this can be found in Complaints & Grievances, and is far more appropriate there.  I mention it, here, as a disclaimer that my advice, like everyone else’s, is probably distorted by my own personal views… so there they are.
  • I have a life, including a beautiful woman and three kids.  Haters that decide that I ought to come forward with my real name, to prove that I am real, that this isn’t just some corporate blog, or whatever… its Steve… look me up.  Beyond that, this IS still the internet, I like having the illusion of security, and I don’t like junk mail.  “Nuff said.

So there we go.  I will be coming up with some basic projects, and solving them here.  Hopefully, if you are anything like me, you will benefit from my practice.  If you have any questions, or suggestions for future projects, feel free to shout out.  Thats why this is here.



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